April 28th, 2008


AVS Video Converter - extremely general question, I'm afraid!

I apologise in advance if this is an inappropriate question here, but I was hoping someone might not mind quickly saying if AVS Video Converter is safe to download and use? (my aim is to convert a couple of much-loved fanvids to formats that my mp4 player will understand) - or if I would be better off trying something else? (technical know-how and ability = close to zero). Many thanks for any advice!
film. girl | don't you dare look back

audio question

Hey all! I've been wanting to make a vid with voiceovers, and I was wondering if it was possible to separate voice from music in an audio clip in Sony Vegas. Like a clip from a tv show, where there's background music as someone's talking. And if so, how can I do that? And if not in Vegas, is there another program I could do it in?