March 27th, 2008

Rendering in Sony Vegas

Hey everyone! First of all I have to say this is an awesome community :)

Anyway, rendering in Sony Vegas has always pissed me off. I mean, I've had my own way of doing it and it doesn't give me any problems, but the real issue here is YOUTUBE! gah! We all know how it likes to ruin video quality. My videos look great as they are on my computer, but they're not nearly as high quality on youtube.

So if you're a vidder who has mastered rendering on Vegas, and your videos look nearly perfect on youtube, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd let me in on your secret :D And give all the little details?

I know it's possible because I see it from multiple people. Look at Smokeyfizz's new 300 video. There is so much layering going on and yet it looks so clear! And I also love all of GioielleBrokenWings' videos because she makes full screen look so good (I also render in full screen).

Thanks for any suggestions!