March 24th, 2008

Aspect Ratios -- FAQ? (WMM & TVC)

Hi, all:

I'd like to try making vids from multiple sources which have differing original aspect ratios.  

I read all the responses to super kc 's similar Q below.  However, it was all too techy for me, and I couldn't follow the discussion very well.  

Also, I use different (less sophisticated) software.  I use DVDDecryptor and Total Video Converter to rip my DVDs and convert the source to .avi files.  Then I import the .avi files into Windows Movie Maker for editing.

So, in really simple language, in terms that even a Luddite like me can understand, could someone please tell me how I can change the aspect ratio of .avi files or individual clips?

Would it look better to convert my 16:9 source material to 4:3 ratio, or vice versa?

Any help or hand-holding would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Pyrate Anny
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Resizing using AVS and VirtualDubMod

I was asking milly about this earlier.

Does anyone know of a tutorial on re-sizing by writing it into your avs file? I'm currently having a heck of a time. I'm using BicubicResize in the avs file, but when I preview it, there are noticeable (thickish) horizontal lines over the vid. (Similar to interlacing, only much worse.)

I already have a de-interlacer written into my avs file, and when I don't resize, the preview looks great (though with the wrong aspect ratio.) So I'm pretty sure the distortion is coming from the act of re-sizing. Has anyone run into any trouble with that or found a fix for it? Or maybe there's some fundamental step I'm just missing?

Any help would be great.

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Solved! Thanks very much absolutedestiny! :D