March 2nd, 2008

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Windows Movie Maker

Hey everyone, 

I am sure this has been asked before but I've just joined and saw no memories section I could check with first. I was wondering if there was a codec I could maybe download so that my WMM would recognize and play the .mp4 video format so I don't have to go find a converter?? And if there isn't, a good but more importantly free converter any of you could recommend??

Many thanks :]
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Making DVD rips the same aspect

I've ripped several DVDs for my project but one of them is widescreen. I want it to be the standard view like the others. I have DVDFab Platinum 4, and I've ripped it twice changing the aspect ratios, but it's still wide screen. I admit I'm not the best tech person, but if somebody can explain this to me in very small words I'll try to understand. Is this even possible? Thank you.

I also have a Linux laptop that I can rip the DVD on with K9, then move it to the Windows computer where the project is. Again, any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi, everyone. I'm brand new to this community and to the entire world of vidding. So brand new, in fact, that I have no software at all.

Looking to buy a new laptop in the next couple of weeks, and I'd like to have the capacity to make a vid because I think it would be a hoot. I'll be getting a Windows laptop, not Mac.

Does anyone have a place to point me to where I can find the basic system requirements I'd need? I don't want to get more than I need because vidding, if I do it, will probably be the most resource-intensive thing I do with this laptop.

How much RAM, and are there any particular video card requirements? And then of course is the second basic question ... what software do I use?

Thanks in advance. :)