March 1st, 2008

Personal- Serenity

Help w/ Sony Vegas 6. Problems below

I use Sony 6 for the time being (I know 8 sounds better).. And I have about 97359235946 questions for help and the instruction booklet is useless.. I have gone through some old posts and I have seen someone else asking about Split Screens/Scenes using Auto Rippling off..

Well I have a few questions concerning that.. Ok first off, how do you know it is off and could someone indepth explain how to do the split screen.. I do learn a bit better with images.. so if someone would be so kind to maybe take a few screen shots to show me exactly how it is done and the process.. IT would make me do a song and dance..

The other was asked about slowing or speeding up a certain clip in a time line to make it fit better.. There's a few scenes I would like to be able to do this with. I know in WVM all you had to do was squish the scene together, but with SV.. that doesn't work.. Someone suggested going to properties, and adjusting it there.. Could someone explain this in depth to me?

I really hate to be a bother.. I just hate the fact these are crucial steps for me to know how to do, and all I am getting is no where fast.