February 15th, 2008

sokka universe

Windows Movie Maker problem

New to the comm, and on the verge of a desperate nervous breakdown.

So after three or four weeks of ignoring sleep, homework and my social life, my newsest vid is finished and looks the way I want it to. But Windows Movie Maker just plain WILL NOT let me save it. Every time I go thru to "Save Movie File", it lets me go thru the process until it starts to generate the loading bar for "Estimating remaining time"...then after about thirty seconds of thinking, it tells me my movie cannot be saved because I either: don't have enough room, there is another file already in existance with that name, or one of the source files I used is no longer available. Except I know that all three of these options are not true.

The really frustrating thing is that it seems WMM has just decided that it doesn't like THIS project. I opened an older unfinished vid and tried to save that, and it worked fine. And WMM has been letting me save shorter versions of this project up until now when I wanted to show a friend of mine a preview.
I even started a brand new project under a different name and completely reconstructed the timeline from scratch, and tried to save that movie file. No dice.

Help, please? The idea that I can't save this vid after all the effort I've put into it is making me physically ill.
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Windows Movie Maker saving problem


I have recently made a movie using WMM but every time I got to save it using the 'My Computer' tab it insists on trying to save the Movie to a CD. I have tried saving the movie to different locations and I have more than enough memory but nothing seems to work.
If anyone knows what's going on and how to fix it I would be eternally grateful.