February 4th, 2008

the doctor, matt smith, amy pond, doctor who, karen gillan

Hi again- I bring Sony Vegas qs

The last time I asked a few questions at this comm. I got some great advice, so here I go again! This time regarding:
Split Screening- When I tried I made a big mess because when I moved the clip position it moved ALL the clips in that time line. Can I move the pos. of just one bit of the track?
Audio- Is there a way (on vegas) of 'cleaning' audio (as in to take a person speaking and remove background noise and music)? How do most people add 'clean' speech to their vids?
And finally (I hope) Watermarking: How dya do it?
Thanks in advance peeps- with your help I'll (hopefully) reach vidding perfection!!! (and cause I'm (hopefully) gonna do a Media course this year and It'd be fun and helpful to know stuff!)