November 15th, 2007

Pros B&D by redscharlach

WMM, Vista and timeline problem

I am very new to vidding (this week actually) and very new to using Windows. My main computer has Linux, but I couldn't find somebody to walk me through vidding on Linux, so I have a new laptop with Vista. I've heard all the horror stories about Vista, and now I know why. Here's my problem:

The timeline won't play. It seems to be the transitions that send the timeline and/or storyboard into a tizzy and it freezes. Now if I go back and start removing clips until the preview window shows me a frame, then it will start again. And stop again after I play for a while. It doesn't seem to be any particular clip or transition, but is quite random. And frustrating. I've been on the WMM forums and the consensus is that there is no fix, and it's an inherent problem with Vista/WMM that isn't being addressed by Microsoft.

So anybody have any ideas? I'm willing to take suggestions on another vidding program that is user friendly as well that seems to work with Vista. Thanks!