November 12th, 2007

RaitoMisa, death, goth

Windows Movie Maker problem: Out of place frames

I decided to give this program a try and it's just so easy to use that I'm loving it--or I would, except that I have a seemingly small, but really rather ugly problem when I use it.


It happens a couple of instances during a video that I get out of place frames in between clips. Like, between Clip 4 and Clip 5 a frame that doesn't belong there pops up. Said frame is a frame out of any of the previous clips in the video. When I re-do Clip 5 [deleting it and editing it's source to get it again], the frame might disappear, but then another out of place frame appears elsewhere. Or sometimes, it just doesn't go away at all.

When I try to isolate the frame so I can snip it off, it won't show. But it shows when I preview the video, and when I save the final video. I've finished two videos and both of them have this problem.

Has anyone else had this problem with Movie Maker [or anywhere else]? While I really want to keep on using Movie Maker, if it turns out that I can't find a solution to this problem, then I'll have to switch to software that won't pull surprises like that. It's just a split-second, but an out-of-place frame just ruins a video.

Please, please, please... help!