October 29th, 2007

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omg wtf iMeem!?!?!

I'm having a problem with iMeem. I have been trying to upload this video there for the past 24 hours or so. I've uploaded each (small wmv, med wmv, and large xvid avi) probably twice. And every time it comes back and tells me it's an unrecognizable file format. I've uploaded WMV to iMeem several times, and the FAQ recommends AVI so I know that they should be recognizing the files. I didn't render the WMV files any differently than I normally do, so I'm not sure what could be the issue.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? iMeem is pretty non-helpful in explaining further why the files are being rejected.

Cross-posted to my journal & vidding. Will update if I get an answer over there.