August 23rd, 2007

Windows Movie Maker Crashing

i start up WMM and it starts to load pluggins ? as it does this i get a series of errors including this one.

can anyone help,

pluginadapater loading plugins gets a error

microsoft visual C+ runtime error

c/, , ....


loaded incorrectly blah blah

help please

Vegas : performance in editing HQ

I usually vid using avi source footages without any significant problem. but for the first time, I've tried editing with pretty HQ source I ripped from a DVD. Made an 1Go Avi file with good resolution but it's impossible to edit with that.

it must be too good quality and even the simpliest fade cannot be previewed. I tried splitting the file in 5 parts, didn't help. I asked Vegas to use more RAM. Didn't really help. Processor is still 100% busy everytime I click somewhere. Deframented my hardDrive last night. Still no such improvement. I cannot edit at all. I wonder why that is and if you guys had any idea of what I could do ? Use another source format ? Any suggestion is welcome.

I used Vegas 6.
Thanks a lot in advance, I'm desperate :(