August 19th, 2007

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.avi problems in WMM

hello everyone. i slaved over an anime music video for a few days, and i had no problems with WMM -- no freezing, nothing wrong with the source files. which, i thought was a bit curious since i didn't remember when i had worked with .avi's in it last, but i didn't think anything of it until i went to save.

i play the file when i'm done, and bam -- no video. the audio is perfectly fine. but.. no video is showing up. only a black screen, and if i had any transitions [fade from white, for example], those would show up. no video at all.

i just don't understand what could be wrong; why would it save like that when the video worked fine during editing?

i came to the conclusion that i need to convert .avi to .mpg; but i can't find any free software or working website that will convert the movie.
if anyone happens to have a good program and wouldn't mind helping me out a lot, here are links to part one and part two of the movie:
Revolutionary Girl Utena - Adolescence Apocalypse Part I
Revolutionary Girl Utena - Adolescence Apocalypse Part II
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