August 5th, 2007


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I'm having trouble with my Windows Movie Maker, and dracori directed me here, saying that she got help with her WMM problems. I hope you can figure out what's wrong with mine. ^^;

I'm having two problems with my WMM. I don't know if they're related or not, so I'll describe them separately.

The first problem is with the audio. When I start at the very beginning of the video, the song is perfectly in sync, but if I try starting anywhere else, the song is suddenly about half a verse off. I should note that I did cut off the first twenty seconds or so of the song, if that makes any difference. It's quite irritating because, when I want to see how the clips at two minutes fit the music, I have to start at the very beginning each and every time.

My second problem makes the first problem even worse. The program keeps freezing, usually around the ten second mark, but sometimes it'll freeze later too. Usually if I get past the first minute it'll be okay, but I shouldn't be having to backtrack that far anyway (and I wouldn't be if the music was working correctly). The picture will freeze first, and the music will freeze a little while later. It'll stay frozen for about ten seconds or so, then the music will start back up again, but the picture doesn't.

If you only know how to fix one problem, even that would make my day. I could handle just one of these going wrong, but both of them together is making it impossible for me to make any progress at all on my movie. :(
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