June 23rd, 2007

You call THAT art?

DVD Rippers

Howdy, I've been using Flash DVD Ripper to put dvds on my computer, and it's worked well up until this point. I've been trying to rip a movie and it gives me an error message right at the beginning and then copies the movie, but without sound. It's frustraing.

Anyways, does anyone know where I could get some other DVD Rippers (preferably of the free variety). If it turns out to be the DVD (The Empire Strikes Back fyi), then I'll deal with it and move on, but if not...

And another question while I'm here. In copying any Star Wars movie, it garbles up the opening credits a lot, giving me a jumble in three languages and with lots of skips and garbles. Is there a way to avoid this (this is with Flash DVD Ripper), or does it do this with other such programs?

Thanks so much!