May 22nd, 2007



Okay, I'm doing a big revamping, and I'm trying to figure out the best format for editing in Vegas 7. (I've already been told Lagarath Lossless AVI is the best, but I don't have the space!)

So, what are the best? .mov? .mpg?
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I've been using Windows Movie Maker for awhile. And I like it. It's simple and great, but lately it's been giving me problems with saving my vids. It won't let me save them on my comp anymore. I'm starting to get tired of it, so I'm looking for new video editing software to download. It doesn't have to fancy(but it'd be nice). But everywhere I go they only have trial version and it cost money to buy the full version. Which is why I loved WMM. So, does anyone have any downloads to share where I can download a video editing thing full version for free? It would really help alot.

P.S. I downloaded Video Edit Magic then realized it was only a demo. If anyone has the software to Video Edit Magic 4.3 can you give me the serial code, so I can download the full version?