May 7th, 2007


windows movie maker vista problem

I'm primarily using WMM but, the problem seems to exist on Premiere as well. I upgraded to Vista and was able to capture on XP just fine so, leads me to believe it's some setting in Vista [?] When I'm in WMM, I go to import from my DV camera [via firewire] and everything seems to be working ok - the computer controls my camera and it starts playing except NO video comes up in the capture preview window. When I hit finish, it tells me that no video was captured - check to make sure the tape is not blank, etc. I installed an old version of Premiere to see if the problem existed there as well and, yes, it does. The capture seems to start with the camera playing and no video shows up in preview but, premiere shuts it down because it's not detecting a signal or something.

HELP! Anybody??