April 30th, 2007

feet (Eve Myles)
  • sol_se

DV AVI Exporting in WMM

A question regarding exporting to AVI in WMM:

I've never been able to export using the "DV AVI" option without the end result having problems--jumps, pops, & catches in both the audio & video (but mostly the audio). A long time ago, someone suggested in passing on the Yahoo Vidder forum that the reason DV AVI doesn't work for a lot of people is because of interference from "plug-ins." Can anyone elaborate on this? I'm not even sure I know exactly what is meant by "plug-in." I would LOVE to be able to export into AVI because the video quality is about a thousand times better (and I'm planning to submit the video to a con). Is there a way to remove or turn off these "plug-ins" so the AVI option will work?

x-posted to vidding. I apologize if I've missed the answer somewhere. I've also looked through the Movie Maker forum and found no answers. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!