February 2nd, 2007

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I have a small problem with a music video I made. It has anime clips, complete with a song. Everytime I save it to my computer as an avi file, it won't play. When I try uploading the video to youtube.com, the video is shrunk and each of the clips are in black and white. Would there be any way to fix this... ? I'm pretty sure I have the proper codecs. Any help would be appreciated ♥ thanks in advance.

Note: I am using windows movie maker if that helps.
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Vegas / Movie Studio Tutorials.

I have a small but growing collection of tutorials for Sony Vegas, though some tutorials are Movie Studio compatible. They're very image intensive, so everyone - 'newbie' or not - should hopefully be able to follow along.So far the tutorials include Masking, using the cookie cutter plugin, zooming, two ways to get that selective colour ("Pleasantville") look, and flipping your footage.

For anyone interested, you can find all tutorials here.

Edit: Just added a way to achieve selective colour using the Chroma Keyer. I'm hoping this tut will be Movie Studio compatible - just waiting to hear back from someone as to whether or not MS has Chroma Keyer. o.O