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Looking For a Good WMM Replacement

   So, once upon a time I used to fanvid. I'd kind of like to get back into it, but I have run into a problem: I can't seem to find a good Windows Movie Maker substitute. Y'see, for all its flaws, the old WMM had one thing that made it easy to use. It had that awesome video library thing where you could import a large video file (like an episode of a tv show) and it would automatically split that down into clips that were a few minutes long, which it would then put into an appropriately folder in the general (not project-specific!) media library. So you could jump from episode to episode, and project to project, pulling whatever clips you needed.

   Anyway, that feature seems to have ruined me for other programs, because I fell in love with it and sank into video editor laziness and now expect to be able to find other programs that do the same. So far I have tried PowerDirector (which does automatically create clips, but its clip-detector is way too sensitive and splits the average tv show into more clips than it will allow you to import) and Sony Vegas 10, which seems to lack any feature of this kind. So my questions are as follows:

   1) Is there any video editing program that has a feature comparable to the one in Movie Maker?
   2) Am I overlooking a solution to the problem with either of the two programs I mentioned above?

   Any help would really be welcome - I've been all over the internet looking for advice or tutorials and come up with nothing.

   Just a quick update - I'm in the process of trying some of the programs mentioned. Thank you all for your help!
Tags: software, sony vegas, troubleshooting, tutorial, wmm

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