Steffi (legoline) wrote in vidding_tech,

Best codec to use?

I've been getting into vidding recently and Foolish Passion as well as this community have proven to be a goldmine of helpful advice and tutorials.

Please bear with me in case my explanations are somewhat wobbly. Like I said, I'm still pretty new to this.

I use Sony Vegas Platinum 10 for vidding. After having rendered and saved the file in question, I use VirtualDubMod to downsize it again. I'm fairly sure that this is the point where I'm supposed to choose a good codec that downsizes the file with minmal quality loss, and this is exactly why I come asking for help.

I was wondering which is the best codec to use for this kind of thing? Which do you recommend? I'm currently using the Xvid MPEG-4 codec (which seems to be the only one to be on my computer), and its quality/file size scale feels somewhat less than desirable. I currently have a 4:15minute vid that starts to have visible quality loss at a size of 80MB. I've looked at the tutorial over at Foolish Passion but all I could find were recs for codecs to use after having ripped the DVDs.

Too, I was watching fanvids on my DVD player the other day and all of them worked fine except for mine. The DVD player complained that the wrong audio codec was used. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed with a magical shiny new codec :-)

I'm on a PC using Windows 7, in case that info is helpful.

Any suggestions are muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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