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Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 - Distortion of clip when rendering

 Hey! New poster here. I just switched from Vegas Pro 8.0 to Vegas Pro 10.0, and I'm running into a rendering issue, as you can see here. The clip is perfectly okay, as evidenced by the preview in pan, but in the preview screen parts of the clip gets distorted, and when I render the video the distortion is still there. Sometimes the distortion disappears, but it always reappears eventually (varying its position in the clip). I think it's most common when the clip is transitioning to a different shot or when I'm transitioning from one clip to the next. Furthermore, when I moved the clip further down the timeline the distortion disappeared. I never had this problem in 8.0 and I have no clue how to fix it. Any pointers?

Thanks so much!
Tags: sony vegas, troubleshooting
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