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I'm suddenly having problems with my Vegas 7.
Where avi files previously worked fine, I now get a message "Video Stream attributes could not be determined".

I realised belatedly that this is probably due to software I installed in an effort to rip something about a month ago, but uninstalling the programs did nothing to help and there are no system reset points from before I installed the software, so I can't check to see if that was really the issue.

I have updated divx codecs and unticked the box in preferences for using external codecs but to no avail.

FourCC Code changer also doesn't fix this particular problem.

I've found a lot of comments on forums suggesting the best option is to convert my avi files using huffy or lagarith codecs using virtual dub program.

Could someone give me a quick 101 on which buttons I need to press in Virtual Dub in order to do this? I'm a tad confused by the options. I have also downloaded the lagarith codec, but I don't know if I need to install it somewhere before it'll work.

Thank you! I'd be ever so grateful.

P.S. My system is a PC running on Windows 7 (64bit version)
Tags: software, sony vegas, troubleshooting
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