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Two questions: Frame rates, and editing with AviSynth files vs. AVIs

My vidding computer is back after 6+ weeks out of commission, and as of today I have a shiny 1.5T external hard drive for file storage. So I can finally get back on track figuring out the proper vidding process many of you helped me with a couple of months ago.

I have two questions:

1) Tips, warnings or preferences on whether to edit with AviSynth files or AVIs? I'm following the AMV Guide steps of ripping DVDs to VOBs, indexing in D2Vs, and making AviSynth files that adjust pixel aspect ratio and frame rate. I edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, which can read AviSynths directly. The plus of doing it that way is that my impatient self wouldn't have to go through another step to either convert the files to (huge) AVIs or make clips from them. The minus is that I hear AviSynth files can be slow and unstable to work with.

2) Frame rates, argh. At the moment I'm working with Stargate: Atlantis DVDs, which come up as 29.97 FPS and FILM. When I make the D2Vs, I choose FORCE FILM, which makes them 23.976 FPS and avoids any pesky interlacing. However, I'm told that Premiere Pro doesn't like 23.976 and that I should add a line to my AviSynth scripts saying AssumeFPS(23.98) and edit that way.

BUT! What do I do once I've exported the complete, edited vid? I was reading the Encode to MPEG for con distribution instructions because that's what VividCon requires, and there is no option for 23.98 FPS. Is there a simple line to add to the new AviSynth script for the AVI? Or does it require other steps? Meanwhile, does it matter for online distribution? And does any of this affect the separate audio file I'll have exported?

Thanks in advance for your help! I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right before I dive in and make a whole vid only to discover there's some fatal flaw that means I'll have to redo everything to get it encoded properly.

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